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6 years ago#1
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6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
$249.99. That would definitely be a strategic move...
6 years ago#4
199.99 with 2 yr 3G contract (optional).
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6 years ago#5
3g technology is really expensive, compare an Ipad with 3g $700 vs an Ipad without 3g $500

I say at the minimum, this device will be priced similarly to the Ipad
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6 years ago#6
...350-375 usd lolz
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6 years ago#7
$249.99. That would definitely be a strategic move...

Yeah, it would definitely be a strategic move... a BAD strategic move. They'd lose so much money they'd probably destroy Sony's gaming division.

My estimate is.... anywhere between 400 and 600$.
6 years ago#8
This is kinda tricky. There are smartphones that have weaker hardware than NGP and costs about $400-$600 without contract.

However, if the NGP price is in that range, it will sell slow at the beginning. IMO, $350 would be a "good" price considering the stuff it has, and still it's a good chunk of money when you consider it as a "portable gaming" device.
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6 years ago#9
250-300 is def. going the be the best bet. Anything more then that for a handheld is going to do nothing but lose money. If they plan on competing with the 3DS then there going to keep a price range similar to it because there not much else it offers that the 3ds doesnt. 3g is cool but not something a very large % of ppl who buy it willl care about.
6 years ago#10
$499 for the Wi-fi model and $599.99 for 3G.
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