All NGP is missing now is a KH Game

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Hope we get an English version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix of I and II. We'd all buy/download that game package.

Actuallly, that'd be a really, REALLY good idea.
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Hope we get an English version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix of I and II. We'd all buy/download that game package.

We will never get it. I hope that the JP PSN releases the FM of 1 and 2 and the hackers patch it.
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No. No more KH games until 3 ._.
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"The 3DS is getting a new Kingdom Hearts."

Yea as new as kh recoded is.
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Didn't play Birth By Sleep, did you?

Yes, yes I did. PSP has a small screen, which is why I said "small screens" in my post, not "the GBA/DS".
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Kingdom Hearts 3
FF7 remake

If PSP2 got both these I dare say the PSP2 might be able to outsell 3DS or at least come close
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"Yea as new as kh recoded is."

If you're going to troll, get your facts strait so you can succeed at it. ReCoded was a remake of a cell phone game (the original was 97% filler and contained no new worlds, the story was considered garbage). Nomura himself had almost no hand in the game, and he admitted he was not happy with the story. The game only really had gameplay going for it. Story wise- it was useless and the worlds you traverse were just reused directly from KH1. 3D on the other hand is an entirely new game developed by the Osaka team (who did Birth By Sleep). It covers events leading directly into KH3 and contains all new Disney worlds. According to the developers, all of the Disney worlds are either brand new (and will be used based on how much they were requested) or completely overhauled. One new world we saw in the trailer (Hunchback of Notre Dame, which has never been in a KH game yet).

It also contains new ways to explore environments and combat enemies. Looks like platforming is making a return as well. You can now do things like grind on rooftops, swing on lamp posts, and even rebound off of walls. The story itself is being given the treatment as if it were a numbered game and is considered a main game in the series, not a side story like ReCoded/Coded or 358/2 Days.
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I wouldn't mind KH3 on a portable. TV out could be an option.
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