How will the graphics be compared to the PS3?

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Rage + exaggerations round the table?

Uncharted for NGP only uses 10 percent of the NGPs power and it looks like Uncharted for PS3.

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You can't "percentage" a game's "power" use. You can't. It's grossly inaccurate for the most part, and to quantify something as such is just asinine.

Secondly, Handhelds aren't really like consoles, as they have to take power consumption into consideration, from a limited source. They can max everything, but the battery could drain like a mofo, hence it might not be the best option.
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fact of the matter is: no one knows.. they can guess/speculate but we wont know at least till we start seeing more videos.. even then the graphics will increase over time so who knows.. oh yea. no one at this point
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From: Iwantadunwich | #007

Eh, it didn't really impress me all that much. It looks like the same as the PSP to me.
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I hope you're joking or trolling. I truly do. The difference is massive and it looks almost exactly like the PS3 version.
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how can you tell from a blurry video how good the graphics are?