You know if complained enough, next revision may have HDMI out.

#1YAMI_ANUBIS_XPosted 1/29/2011 1:02:49 AM
Remember how PSP 2000 came out with the ability to be played on a TV, Im betting when they bring out a revision, it may have a mini HDMI out.

I mean fans complained to Sony about lack of buttons on original PSP, well look, we have plenty in the form of gimmicks but hell atleast Sony gave fans what they wanted, a 2nd analog stick, REAL ANALOG STICKS, NOT HALF ASSED NUBS and gimmicks that can act like the missing buttons.

Not trying to sound like an ass about the gimmicks can act like the missing buttons but its true, it can and it will.

Sony did all of this for the fans of the PSP. If we complain alot about no HDMI out, Sony may eventually decide to add it into a 2nd revision.

Plus I know about PC and HDMI, I dont fully understand that since PS3 and 360 use OLD graphics chips and they dont lose quality from using HDMI like PCs do, if you dont have a powerhouse PC, I mean.
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as well as adding HDMI, they could just make it a lot bigger and call it a PS3....oh wait...
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When 3DS get component out (LAWL), then NGP-2000 gets HDMI out.