there is NO WAY im buying this

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5 years ago#51
Exactly. I'd rather just be able to carry my PS3 and 360 and a large HD TV with me wherever I go, play them on the subway, etc. I want to play great games made in that style. However, that's obviously impractical, so a portable version of them? Excellent.

A lot of Nintendo system games are just crap in my opinion. I can't even believe they can market them. And I say this while being the owner of both a Wii and a DSi. There are enough good games unique to the systems to justify owning them, but 90-something percent of them are just crap in my opinion. I would NEVER buy a Nintendo game without renting it first. The majority of them that I rent I return to GameFly in less then a couple hours. There are plenty of PS3 and 360 games I buy without renting first though, and I rarely regret it.
5 years ago#52
play them on the subway

Unless you want to be stabbed and robbed, you wouldn't play NGP or 3DS on a subway anytime soon.
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5 years ago#53
I agree with TC. There's no way I'm buying this unless Sony tones down the graphics! Also, get rid of the second analog stick, Sony! And, what the hell are they thinking, replacing the nub with an actual stick? Bring back the nub. Sticks make it look WAY too much like a PS3, and the hell if I'm buying a portable system that has the same quality as home consoles. That's just silly.
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5 years ago#54
Uh-oh... we got another Sony fanboy here. I'm gonna put this as simply as possible:

Believe it or not, it's also important to have good games, which the PS3 does not have. Besides FPS (if you like those), there really aren't that many good games for it IMO. There's Little Big Planet and Wipeout, but that's about it.

well im talking about the people who are saying that they wont buy it because its too much like the ps3.. if they didnt like it just because it doenst have games they like then they would say that. im not talking about everyone who ever said they didnt want the ngp

EDIT: and dont call me a fanboy.. ive stated several times in various topics that i think the 3ds is cool and i think itll be a good system too
5 years ago#55
"Unless you want to be stabbed and robbed, you wouldn't play NGP or 3DS on a subway anytime soon."

That doesn't at all resemble what the subway is actually like. I do all of the following on the subway all the time: listen to iPods with the iPod out in the open (and I also wear studio monitor headphones--I can't stand earbuds, cheaper headphones, etc.), read my Kindle, Play my PSP, Play my DSi. I've never been bothered. Maybe it's because I'm six feet tall, I'm built like a football player, and I look like a biker, but I never see smaller folks get bothered either, and I see them uses those devices as well as iPhones, iPads, etc., too.
5 years ago#56
to be fair it depends where you are when youre riding the subway lol
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