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5 years ago#1
The logic would dictate this is a downloadable game right? I always assumed it was gonna be a cart release, but wouldn't it make more sense to go downloadable? What do you think?
5 years ago#2
It's been confirmed to be a PSN title
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5 years ago#3
Cool. Thanks.
5 years ago#4
wait so you can't buy it at gamestop?

I pre-order it >.<
5 years ago#5
Dreadhead542 posted...
It's been confirmed to be a PSN title

News to me. Thank goodness, though.
I don't see why people are as excited about the game as they seem to be. You don't create music from platforming, you just activate notes that are part of a very predetermined tune. And the platforming seems especially non-compelling from all the footage I've seen. But again, thank goodness that it won't cost $30 - $40.
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5 years ago#6
20 bucks or lower would be a good price
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5 years ago#7
Dreadhead542 posted...
It's been confirmed to be a PSN title

do you have a link plz?
5 years ago#8
Of all the launch titles this one has been getting the most buzz among critics. Sadly, when I buy a shiny new platform, I want the prettiest games which show off the muscle of the system. This game doesn't in any way, so I'll have to pass on it until it's in the $5 sale section.
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