100 games coming to Vita in the span of 4 months after release!

#41SandyHills7Posted 9/17/2011 4:23:35 AM
jole6113 posted...
Did... did I spot an FFX remake? I wasn't planning on getting a PSV unless I saw some good games, and that may be the system seller for me.
Me too!!
Will now put down $$$ for a preorder.
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I don't think much if any at all will be canceled. But delayed? Certainly.
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Lot of hate in peoples Blood in this thread.

They are using the great PS1 model just flood the market something is bond to be a hit.
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Of that whole list I'd probably just own any and All Tales games....Cause I'm yeah; a big Tales Fanboy to anything that comes overseas. A Bit Hypocritical ,but I'm not about to learn a whole new language to play a game.

Give me any tales game and I'll enjoy Learning the Ins and outs of its Battle System. Tales Of Innocence please come to america.
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From: crazypanic | #019
Out of 100, some 20 are not sholveware.

Really, because on a quick look through, I counted a good 40, and that was just titles I recognize, and games that have confirmed names. I'm sure there are more I don't recognize, plus some of the untitled one should turn out pretty well. Lrn2count please.