Colors Revealed!?

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The game cases could be as small as the 3DS game cases literally but NO, we get waste cases, I mean hell, the PSV games will be as small as a 3DS game, it doesnt need that much space, this reminds me of US Sony releasing the bundle PSP 2000-3000, it looks so different compared to what JPN got, JPN got simple, yet small boxes, while US gets these tall boxes with so much junk on the box art. I know Im moaning and groaning but this is what I mean, the Star Wars Vader white PSP 2000 came in this tall box and the box just has the PSP 2000, along with AC adapter, below it is that star wars game in a SLEEVE, not a game case but a SLEEVE.

They could have just easily taken the JPN box and put on the cover, Limited edition Star Wars Darth Vader PSP white with the SW art on the box, I mean launch PSP and stand alone PSP and PSP GO came in the same JPN boxes but in english but yet 2000-3000 come in these big tall ass boxes, I mean shouldnt it be in a SMALL BOX to make people think its a HANDHELD!
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You're complaining over a box?