Since PSP is gonna get a new Suikoden, let's hope they make Suikoden 6 VITA

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Suikoden is not dead! Awesome!
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cjs177 posted...
You guys do realize that the Suikoden team disbanded and we are probably never get a main game ever again right?

The team were only disbanded but not all of the team were let go by Konami. They are still part of Konami, just that they are working on different projects, Konami can still put the team back if they want it. There's a market for JRPGs, Konami knows this, call it niche but it's a very reliable demographic. Vita only needs PS2 graphics in a Vita to be deemed as high level JRPG, considering the graphical upgrade from PSP to Vita is already huge. And considering it's easier to make games for Vita, they don't have to burn a lot of cash to make a game so it's easier for them to make a profit.
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