Wario64 of NeoGAF Owned by Yoshida

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Seriously, this dude is my favorite person at Sony, period.
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What was Wario64 point. Yoshida was saying you can make an original screenshot and post it. All Wario64 had was a screenshot of someone else playing.
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Nice lol
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bellzemo posted...
What was Wario64 point.

His point is that you can do it on the iPhone, and not only that you're not limited at all on when you can take a screenshot on the iPhone. On the Vita there's many limitations. But Wario64 is basically a huge troll and a joke at Neogaf. We mock and ignore him mostly. He did get owned by Yosh though.
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Like a boss :D
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Lmao awesome.
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The bigger burn was with neogaf's jin. He owned Yoshida so much that the SCE boss was reduced to being speechless.
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^ That's not as bad to me.
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