I envy japan right now.

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Couldn't care less. Thank you, Japan, for beta-testing the hardware and software for us.

this is one of the examples of what the american society has brought up. arrogant ass kid. It's a product from Sony, a Japanese Company, of course it would come out in Japan first.

If I can recall, isn't Japanese society based off of isolationism, arrogance and nationalism ? That's right I forgot, the Japanese are the perfect society, that's why their police officers don't carry guns and they don't have a standing army. So how do you figure Americans are arrogant ? What country are you from ? I'm sure you're from a country that doesnt mind taking American aid. All these boards turn into discussions about how Americans are spoiled or whatever. Next time your country has a natural disaster deal with it your damn self. *rant finished*
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They are so lucky.We still got 2 months to go.

Really if you want the thing, just go buy it off of amazon or play-asia. You can simply set the settings to English, log into your PSN account, and order a game like Uncharted that is FULLY translated to whatever language you picked.
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CooperRC posted...
It is called letting other people be the guinea pig to see if a system has any issues before buying it.
Hardware looks solid.
But as anyone who has ever bought a Microsoft OS, the first release always has problems. Always.
Let Sony beta test for the 'Mericans.
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You would think since we won the war, they would be forced to release it first in the US.

Yeah man that was low... But they are winning the video game war. Theyre games are so much better and they have more of them.

That's quite the opinion you're throwing around as a fact.
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