What's your lineup for the Vita?

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5 years ago#11
Gravity Rush
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Tales of Innocence R (no chance of localization..)
and maybe Wipeout
5 years ago#12
Street Fighter X Tekken
Dynasty Warriors Next
Maaaaaaaybe Army Corps of Hell.
In that order.
5 years ago#13
I preordered Uncharted, Wipeout, and Hot Shots, and it comes with Little Deviants. I'll definitely pick up Shinobido the day it comes out.
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5 years ago#14
Only looking like Escape Plan and maybe Hot Shots Golf at launch since Gravity Rush has been moved to "launch window" so it's that and a bunch of PSP games I missed over the years.
Yay for the ignore function, I hope there's no limit.
5 years ago#15
Hot Shots Golf
Disgaea 3
Gravity Rush
Djmax Technika
Persona 4 Golden
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5 years ago#16
Wipeout 2048
Persona 4: The Golden
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Final Fantasy X HD
DJ Max Technika Portable
5 years ago#17

-Gravity Daze


imo every other line up game sucks bad

5 years ago#18

May not be a launch title, however.. I cant say no to a Gundam game.
5 years ago#19
Uncharted (as long as it's not stupidly priced at 50 dollars)
Hot Shots
Super Stardust
5 years ago#20
gravity daze
thats all i really got lined up, i'll buy little deviants for the bundle stick (but its not really a killer app for me)
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