I'm really worried about the Vita and Sony needs to make a move now.

#11TranslatorTomPosted 12/29/2011 7:25:10 AM
"It's not like PSP games are still selling."

They are in Japan.

More than Vita games, in fact.

It's only in the other countries that sales ran dry, because most developers are too scared to invest in the PSP while sales are so low, due to piracy... Or if you ask a pirate, because "the marketing isn't good enough" (to convince people to actually buy the games instead of getting them online for free)."

Only a few developers support the PSP in the west, because there's so little competition that it's possible to make a little profit from the minority of people who actually buy PSP games.

It's a booming market in Japan.

In fact, I'm still looking forward to Heroes Phantasia, Suikoden, Digimon World, and Tales of the Heroes. None of those will come to America, though... I'm betting.

Who would bother translating them when so few people would actually buy them?