It's all Capcom's fault!

#1astronautcowboyPosted 12/29/2011 8:28:05 AM
Sony and Capcom must have had one heck of a falling out to lead Sony to announce that there was nothing to announce about future Monster Hunter titles on the Vita. 5 million sales in Japan from the last installment alone; what makes a company turn away from easy money like that? I still don't understand what could have happened, but it led to Capcom releasing a guaranteed hit - a system mover and rival system killer - in Japan a week before the Vita was released. It certainly seems like Capcom wanted to destroy the successor to the system that literally printed money for the company. The only thing left to ask is, "What gives?"

(Yes, I'm aware Mario Kart and Mario 3D Land also just came out, but as far as demographic crossover, Monster Hunter is the heavy-hitter.)