Any uk people up in here getting the vita

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  3. Any uk people up in here getting the vita
3 years ago#21
just preordered today and getting uncharted on release day, like all my friends who are buying only getting wi-fi dont know anyone whos buying 3g version. seems that preorders are a lot higher in europe for the vita than a america- but that will not stop sony screwing us over again- cant they see we are there largest market so why not shows us the respect we deserve
3 years ago#22
Yes, I originally i wanted a 3G because it is the "full version" console. But you are crazy to pay 50 more for something like that when you need a memory card as well

As I said already, already have 20 the wifi and 35 off the 3G. Someone beat that.

Game and Gamestation are morons, they will never discount their prices
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  3. Any uk people up in here getting the vita

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