How come Vita grahpics aren't as good as the PS3?

#21ChojinXPosted 1/5/2012 4:46:48 PM
How come the 3DO didn't look better than the CD-I ?
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pikachupwnage posted...
but you are no troll though I will give you that.

He's way too furious all the time to be a troll. That's the hallmark of the trolled.
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UnLimiTed_FRIES posted...
CapnStanky posted...
AquaF1end posted...

Actually, I'm one of the ones putting a stop to him. Everyone else should do the same. The site has a TOS for a reason. Use it and he'll be gone.

Thats rich coming from the guy who trolls the ps3 boards nonstop about how "superior" the 360 is....

Yeah, that never happens.
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Actually Fifa 12 and virtua tennis 4 already look as good as the ps3 versions also Uncharted golden abyss is said to look better than the 1st uncharted and this is just the beginning.
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One thing people also miss is now we're getting mocapped animations in handheld games also. The jump in quality of the animations as far as fluidity and smoothness is phenomenal compared to any other handheld device. Heck they even throw in all the small tiny movements in hands, faces etc.
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