Ok, so if you are trading anything for credit towards a ps vita...what is it?

#11KonekoKaemonPosted 1/5/2012 5:40:48 PM
I'm not trading in anything for my US Vita, I actually take care of my games and hold onto them.
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Implying that people who trade in don't take care of their games?
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bluehat94 posted...
Slipkordisem posted...
Nothing.... Best x-mas gift I got was a box with a piece of paper in it that had a pic of the vita and said "pre-ordered from amazon merry christmas!" lol

you lucky son of a b****

I cant help it... my mother insists on going big every xmas.. its sorta her thing. She got the wife a 250 dollar silouhette cameo or w/e... on top of that i got a bunch of other stuff... she is crazy and it always ends with my dad saying she went overboard again. lol
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