what? 50.000 units last week?

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4 years ago#51

From: Moegitto | #015
How come people wont understand that the reason you need a memory card to save on some games is because some games file size take up the entirety of the card? Sony doesn't dictate which games will need a memory card, the developers do. If after spending $250 you have a problem spending an extra $20 you have some jacked up priorities...

The complain here is about having to use the memory card to even START the game.

The second complain is that only sony proprietary memory card can be used, so only Sony has the say in how much the card can cost.

While 3DS uses the sd card., so you can buy and use any SD card of any brands and any price u can find.
4 years ago#52
And NInts even included one with the system. They didn't have to, but they did.

Think about that the next time some of you leap to excuse any and every money-grab as an inevitability of capitalism. Sometimes it's good business to do right by your customer rather than shaking them down for every extra nickel at every turn.
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