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5 years ago#11

Haven't looked into the OnLive app.. that would be sweet!  Any news on a release for the app?

5 years ago#12
MicroByter posted...
bluehat94 posted...
MicroByter posted...
FLYLIFE posted...
Hmmm.. after reading your responses, I think I'll hold off and see how things play out after launch. I can't really justify spending $40 on portable games when I can play great games on my iPad for $1-$5. Playing all of my PS3 titles at work is a whole other story, as I would LOVE to be able to do that!

Sounds like a good plan, just keep checking.

Speaking of iPad, just curious if you've been following the Onlive news that's come about recently, you might check into that if you want console quality games. You'll have to wait since the App isn't in the store yet though.

well from what ive read about it, theyre currently selling a controller for $50 but its currently only supported by two games, so you may want to wait on that one

I think you're thinking about the 60beat's controller that was recently announced, it supports 2 games and plugs in through the iOS earphone jack:

The Onlive controller is also $50, but is made to work with all of the games the Onlive service offers, plus works on other devices as well (PC, Android, etc).

yeah, thats what i was thinking of, i hope the onlive app gets approved for iOS, since like three competing tablets already support it it would be dumb not to
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5 years ago#13

Just read this article about the OnLive app com,ing to iPad:

Apple being greedy as usual

5 years ago#14
FLYLIFE posted...
Haven't looked into the OnLive app.. that would be sweet! Any news on a release for the app?

Unfortunately not. I've been following the App since the announced it. There was hope it would be out in early December since it was announced for both Android and iOS, but as of this date, only the Android version is available.

From what I've read, the iOS version was submitted and is waiting for approval. The great thing is that you can even use on screen touch controls for some games and not have to purchase the controller at all. It would be the equivelent of using touch controls for some Gameloft or other console like games.

If you have an iPad, check out the Onlive Viewer that currently free. It doesn't allow you to play games, but at least you can take a look at some games that other people are playing. Keep in mind, the quaility of the viewer is not the same as what the Onlive App will look like. The new App is supposed to look better.
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5 years ago#15

Yeah I just started checking out the games on the OnLive site.. it looks pretty sweet!  I would pay $9.99/month for unlimited use of all the games.  As for the tough screen games.. it looks like only a few games have this implemented and it's basically old sega games etc

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