as if the board needs another....finally hands on!

#1gamecubemayunPosted 2/5/2012 10:56:38 AM
I have been lurking this board for awhile reading various hands on reviews etc.. thought I would share my quick 2 pennies. I will admit everyone had me scared with the sales talk and if it doesn't sale we won't get games. This is actually the first time I was worried about that aspe ct of it. Then I saw it at gamestop. Locked up out of my reach. They wouldn't let me play with it and from afar wasn't blown away. I did notice very small buttons and analog sticks. The screen really didn't blow me away. I thought was still a little small. Left very underwhelmed.


I went to best buy. In my particular store I had to ask the sales guy. He went got it and immediately I was blown away. In person the size was great. Bigger than what it seemed behind the locked glass at gamestop. The screen so much bigger looking. Much more vibrant looking. The only thing I could demo was little deviants but it played and looked great! The graphics nice. Touch screen was responsive and felt durable!! I must say if anyone looks at it at gamestop and feels a little underwhelmed don't worry. In person it is an impressive handheld
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