help blue light of death!

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4 years ago#1
i just turned off my ps vita and now it wont turn back on. the home button wont stop blinking as well. what do i do?
4 years ago#2
Hold the power button for a while. Maybe a minute.
4 years ago#3
Don't confuse the PS button with the ON button.. The real ON button is on the Top Left (Near the Game Cart slot) You'll have to hold it for 3-6 seconds (Pretty long)

I had the same problem when I wanted to turn the Vita on for the first time.. I was still in 3DS mode, lol.
4 years ago#4
i areadly turned it on. but when i turned it off. now it wont power back on and the home button keeps blinking blue.
4 years ago#5
if you're telling the truth take it back from were you bought it, if you are telling the truth my apologizes but when a new console comes out the boards get flooded with topic like this which end up not being true
4 years ago#6
Like someone already said, hold the power button which is next to the left trigger at the top of the system.

Hold it for a minute or so and the system will reset.

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4 years ago#7
are you holding down the power button till the screen gives you 2 options? (cancel and power off)
4 years ago#8
I think mine did the same thing. Was your battery real low when you shut it off? I don't know why but it seems the vita won't turn on if the system is very near dead. Give it a few minutes to charge and the ps light should stop blinking and you should be able to turn it on again
4 years ago#9
LOL implying "BLOD" is an actual thing as far as Vita is concerned.

"Oh noez, my battery died, so the light blinks (sounds identical to the PSP when the battery was too low when you tried to turn it on) it must be a system error that will kill every 1st gen Vita!! BLOD! Lets compare my battery dying to RROD!!!!"
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4 years ago#10

This just happen to my Vita too.

I've been playing mines all day today; between downloading demo's, games; app's etc. I noticed that when I turned it off; it took a really long time to do so; but I didn't gave it much thought.

When I was going to put that baby to sleep in it's case; I noticed the PS button flashing blue... I thought to myself "that's odd; the battery was full before I turned the system off"; so I don't know why it was flashing. Curious I tried to turn the system back on so I could double check the battery life; which I was sure it was full. Load & behold; the system didn't want to turn back on...

After several attempt's and the Vita wasn't responding; I checked the system manual to see if there was any mention of a "BLOD"; but I didn't see anything. As any normal person would do; I quickly thought to myself; "let me google it". There were several results for this issue...

Long story short after waiting maybe 30 minutes between checking the manual & googling the info; I attempted to turn the Vita on and only THEN it finally turned on.

I guess the Vita is like a console system; where you can't play it / leave it turned on for long periods of time; otherwise it will crap out on you.







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