*** PlayStation Vita FAQ: How to get NEAR to work (REQUEST STICKY) ***

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Sevi_ney posted...
lol whatever. vita is going to have games and will probably last almost as long as current gen consoles. haters gonna hate

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Good info and I'm glad this helped people, but I just can't even be bothered to get my Near to work. It doesn't seem very useful to me.
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I think it's a great idea to post mac addresses and personal information to a website that no one has ever heard of. I mean Sony is aces at keeping personal data secure, this should be a no brainer right?
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Sevi_ney posted...
lol whatever. vita is going to have games and will probably last almost as long as current gen consoles. haters gonna hate

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I cant get in to www.skyhookwireless.com
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It's been over a month since I entered my thing, and it still doesn't work....
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The instructions at the head of the thread ONLY work if you have the only access point within detection range. Far too often, that is not the case.

If a neighbor has moved from somewhere else that was scanned by Skyhook, and taken his access point with him, the Vita will pick it up when it does its WiFi sweep, and sometimes you will get the wrong address even if YOUR access point is correctly registered.

To make matters worse, if there are other access points in the vicinity, and none of them were registered with Skyhook before your neighbor moved in, they will be contaminated with that remote address - all of them will be auto-registered to a location near the already registered or scanned access point.
Because there are more of access points in the vicinity that are registered to the wrong address than your one registered one, you'll quite often get the wrong address. So don't be surprised if Near tells you you have been travelling hundreds of miles when you've been sitting still in your living room.

Of course, it does not have to be a neighbor - if your old address shows up, it could be yourself causing the issue, if you after moving did not immediately (as the very same day) register the new address with skyhook. A day is enough time to "contaminate" all nearby unscanned/unregistered access points with your old address.

The only "fix" is to use something like inSSIDer to get the MAC of all nearby access points, then walk door-to-door to find out who owns which and lives where, and (re)register them ALL. Skip one, and the problem may return due to the contamination issue.
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j_saucedo posted...
Request Sticky!

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Worked like a charm, and there's a good 10 people with a Vita near me. Doesn't look much until you realize I live in the rear end of nowhere. XD Nice!
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it for me within 10 minutes