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I'm now a Vita owner.
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most kawaii vita gamez (very very VERY srs hurr m8)
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Of all the big jrpgs that just came out, which is the best buy? (Poll)
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PotatosPls178/20 6:57AM
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Monster Hunter Frontier Vita debut at #8 on tsutaya's weekly sales chart
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I want to play SAO butFarMaster200898/20 6:09AM
SAO is now ranked No.1 on both Vita Top 10 and Msg Board !
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MyCheeseIsSoFat158/20 6:01AM
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Who's not getting SAO and playing Counterspy instead?robertwarnes9158/20 5:59AM
Everybody take shelter ! The SAO comet is about to hit !
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MyCheeseIsSoFat368/20 5:45AM
A Topic Concerning the Aging of DisgaeaSyrenergy88/20 4:34AM
SOA or Akiba's Trip?
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