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If big companies would start using kick start would you support them?
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Sami1000459/19 5:13PM
Do you guys still agree with these statements about SAO?
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OrangeCrush980179/19 4:28PM
Gravity Rush 2 and Resident Evil Revelations 2...what are the odds?
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forte429/19 4:20PM
PS4/Vita multiplat games are going to save the Vita in the long run.gogogosuper99/19 4:11PM
Games to play 8-10 hours at most and get most of the trophies?gogogosuper79/19 3:51PM
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment actual brings something important to discuss...
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marsvalient419/19 3:22PM
PSN Flash Sale on racing games this weekend (Closed)INKU4849/19 2:56PM
Vita savior "Flowers" release date announced (10/9).
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MwarriorHiei159/19 2:45PM
just bought a $400 vita accessoryzezgode109/19 2:24PM
Holy balls, dragons crown is God damn excellent.
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pres_madagascar279/19 2:00PM
Bokosuka Girls debut trailerfalloutbeast10169/19 1:55PM
Disgaea VS. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together VS. Final Fantasy Tactics (Poll)
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Syrenergy289/19 12:51PM
Whoa! does Orochi 3 play like this on Vita?Sami100069/19 12:45PM
Valkyria Chronicles' Selvaria And Alicia Join Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climaxapnornagnad109/19 12:18PM
Is Don't Starve worth the 14.99?biggy20479/19 11:34AM
I tried Remote Play on a Z3 at TGS yesterday. It ran worse than Vita Remote PlayNnamz99/19 10:56AM
Bought a Vita yesterday.
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weegee123457129/19 10:41AM
What year did you buy a Vita, and are you satisfied with it? (Poll)
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gadgaurd609/19 10:34AM
I would love a Guardians of the Galaxy game. Just use Dragon's Crown as a base.gogogosuper69/19 10:11AM
Japan: Dungeon Travelers 2-2 announced for VitaINKU4849/19 10:02AM