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PSTV Compatability List (Vita,Indies,PSP,PS1)
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sephiroth15_2004612/18 6:42AM
Is it safe to assume that all future releases on vita will function on PSTV?Aalvi312/18 6:38AM
Touhou Project can play in the PS4 and PS Vitarutu2412/18 6:31AM
For whatever reason, the blue haired little girl in Gravity Rush has...
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gadgaurd1112/18 5:57AM
If I get a vita what else would I need for it?
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discodancer771212/18 5:55AM
Orange light blinkingGingarito912/18 5:50AM
How badly does Wolf Among Us run on Vita?
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MHGALE1112/18 5:47AM
PSA : Child of light and Terraria.overlordlaharl0612/18 5:47AM
currently trying out phantasy star nova demo... all i can say is: GOTYnotzez1012/18 5:46AM
If I've never played an RPG...
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shauntennine4412/18 5:21AM
Say what you will about the Vita
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JoeSnake1321512/18 5:19AM
Scratches on the front of game cards?ultimatekd912/18 5:10AM
is it even possible to ripe sprites from the vita?aiman4612/18 5:06AM
are there any games where i get to play as a CAT? (:3)
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notzez2012/18 4:15AM
What is your fav game of each genre on the Vita?
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blazeair1712/18 3:15AM
are there any games that have girls who wield big ass swords????
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notzez4112/18 2:06AM
bought child of light... instant buyer's remorse lmao
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notzez7712/18 1:58AM
So is there some kind of Japanese GameFAQs/Vita forum?AutumnGust912/18 1:45AM
Anyone who wants to play samurai warriors onlinekays7212/18 1:37AM
Anime/Manga/VN fans, how good is Xblaze - Code:Embryo? - Import or not?YumeOMiru912/18 1:33AM