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Shame that Warrior's Lair (hack and slash) was cancelled (Archived)
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GameDesignerSage1212/19 4:50PM
Is HDN gonna be hard? (Archived)Is_Corrupted312/19 4:35PM
Guys there's a bunch of Personas in Weekly Offers section thing of the store. (Archived)Is_Corrupted712/19 4:24PM
Does Tactics Ogre EVER go on sale? (Archived)GigaDogqHD1012/19 3:59PM
For those playing Suikoden II for the first time, how are you enjoying it? (Archived)Lucretia_Merces612/19 3:37PM
EU's 12 deals of Christmas #10: Fifa 15, Fifa 15 and Fifa 15. (Archived)
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Noraneko_Vel3012/19 3:36PM
are there any games like FANTASY LIFE on vita? (Archived)
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notzez2312/19 3:17PM
PS TV compatibility - Dracula X, Gradius Collection, etc. (Archived)daftpunk808212/19 2:06PM
FF7 messed up UI? (Archived)Marcster1994512/19 1:37PM
got into tactic ogre and its great. (Archived)
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ShaolinAced2912/19 1:27PM
Why isn't Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom on sale... (Archived)
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Trevor_Belmont1412/19 12:45PM
Gundam Breaker licensed mechs? (Archived)HoboOfAwe612/19 11:40AM
I just need two games and I am pretty content with this system.. (Archived)
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Xplode-1412/19 10:45AM
If I've never played an RPG... (Archived)
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shauntennine4812/19 10:23AM
Games you are waiting to get a severe price drop for before you purchase them (Archived)
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ns_856412/19 9:56AM
Is it safe to assume that all future releases on vita will function on PSTV? (Archived)Aalvi512/19 9:36AM
they should port recettear to vita (Archived)notzez212/19 9:35AM
Can someone help me figure out a game? (Archived)
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kilaude1512/19 9:16AM
Imported Muppets Movie Adventures (Archived)DOAsaturn1012/19 9:02AM
So my copy of DB:Fighting Climax arrived (Archived)
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CrossaderX1612/19 8:29AM