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How should I proceed with FF X/ X-2 (Poll)
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darkljolly2110/25 6:20AM
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Caved and bought shinovi versus let's get physical edition.
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pres_madagascar2210/25 12:17AM
To people who've played both, Freedom Wars or SW4?Lupin the 4th410/25 12:14AM
Any reason to buy brand new games?
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sDD40001910/24 11:59PM
Did anyone pick up Candy, Please!?Trevor_Belmont410/24 11:44PM
which Panopticon (city) are you planning on choosing in Freedom Wars?
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notzez10910/24 11:41PM
My Vita wishlistYashiiiro1010/24 11:35PM
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Warriors come out to play!!
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bigboyrf1210/24 10:15PM
Just to be clear if a game can be bought on PS TV digitally it will work right?CammyApple410/24 10:02PM
NA: Can someone confirm Dracula X Chronicles (PSP) on sale next week? (Closed)Spetsnaz420810/24 9:53PM
I recommend Samurai Warriors 4!
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haruhist3710/24 9:25PM
Just had my first session of Castlevania: Symphony of the night.. ever.. on Vita
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ServantOfErieos1910/24 9:22PM
Tell me some new jrpgs series (Not for vita but in general)darkljolly510/24 9:12PM
Why do people say that Sony isn't making games anymore for the Vita?
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Junpei_Stupei7010/24 9:02PM