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okay i admit it... TALES OF HEARTS R is pretty good (lmao)
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notzez1412/20 10:03PM
What would you say are the best 5 games for the PS VITA?
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SolomonBenDavid2212/20 9:45PM
Switching from NA to JP account, how do I make sure I don't lose my NA saves?DirtyHarry11712/20 9:30PM
Is PS All Stars still active online?alexg1989512/20 9:18PM
Anyone who loves RPGs and hasnt played Ys Celceta?
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yankee69035212/20 8:59PM
what's an vita game everyone can play??
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notzez1612/20 8:01PM
Should I watch the anime before getting Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment?
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weegee1234571612/20 7:58PM
What is your fav game of each genre on the Vita?
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blazeair3212/20 7:39PM
Gravity Rush or Soul Sacrifice Delta? (Poll)
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Truth357772612/20 7:37PM
Any ideas on if Dont Starve Together, for Dont Starve, will come to Vita?locky723112/20 7:22PM
So I was looking up Disgaea 4 stuff and found this... (LOL)blazeair312/20 6:59PM
Which style of gameplay is better suited for adult and mature gamers? (Poll)
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INKU482212/20 6:42PM
The persona 2 duology.Unversed312/20 6:39PM
sw4 or wo ultimatestarkkc1312/20 6:12PM
Daaamn Frozen SynapseGolden_Mean712/20 6:10PM
Do you isn Level 5 would put their games on the Vita?
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GigaDogqHD2612/20 5:55PM
Lots of first party Vita games for $5 each at Best Buy
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INKU481512/20 5:47PM
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 only working on PSTV when it feels like it?ChickenSpice412/20 5:08PM
A lot of those Vita games that are ten dollars at Best Buy are five dollars now.
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AileWing1212/20 5:01PM
Unit 13 is $4.99 (free shipping, Prime eligible) on AmazonMrFwibbles312/20 4:31PM