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Tetris Ultimate coming to PS Vita June 2nd
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sonicfan11589115/24 8:57AM
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Jesus, who bought all the GoW collections in Canada?marioparty1785/24 3:06AM
Persona 4: Dancing All Night has crossdressing costumes for Yu Yosuke and Kanji.
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Lucretia_Merces305/24 1:21AM
Neptunia Killed my Dog
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-Hyperdimension355/24 1:11AM
If nothing is announced on G2 next month - what's next ???gamergeek101105/23 10:47PM
Would gaming tablets/phones complement the handheld gaming market?(Vita board)
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aiman4175/23 9:22PM
Vita Fans Unite!
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oomomow455/23 8:30PM
PS Store - Wild ARMSJoshirou2965/23 8:24PM
Where to import korean games?ragnarok0145/23 8:12PM
does watching widescreen movies on netflix hurt the vita screen?FelineCyborg35/23 7:56PM
Neptunia U or Rebirth 1?
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inFAMOUSJakey155/23 7:51PM
Vita Games Discounted under $20 on AmazonVector-Armando105/23 7:46PM
Hadn't played my Playstation in ages before getting a Vita so made a new accountAqua6969655/23 7:30PM
Favorite HDN OST?
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ChickenSpice175/23 7:28PM
Which star wars psp to get since you don't need to transfer from PS3?FryBender300045/23 7:03PM
What are your stories about playing the Vita in public.
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dodokiki555/23 6:57PM
Surprisingly Sony or mastiff added pstv support for gurumin an old psp game!
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Wchoodrat125/23 6:54PM
To anyone that has imported Lost Dimension, or is familiar with the gameProdigalAces35/23 6:01PM