When do you expect the Vita to be discontinued by Sony?

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February 29th 2013
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probably 2018 or so.

lol XD i sure hope so

Err... a few years is fine, but personally I hope we don't have to wait that long for better hardware than the Vita.

Not sure if serious...Phones/Tablets will exceed Vita in 1-2yrs. Technically the Vita's specs have been superseded, however Rogue hasn't been released to consumers. But if you're referring to Portable consoles then Vita/3DS could very well be the last generation of that type of device.

Honestly I see no place for portables in the future--when I say future I mean when buildings have that advanced look and all clear-like Apple stores--while people are driving cars that look like the Legendary BMW Concept, and we have screens that can viewed from both sides while attending to the perspective of the viewer. Well this is the future I'm hoping for in 2015 at least, I mean that's half way to the "true" future--as in next decade.
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About a Year after 3ds gets discontinued and it's replacement comes out....

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