I'm Having A Baby!!!

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Take alot of pics, they are super adorable when they start gaming. But they grow up WAY too fast.

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I'm not kidding when I saw this topic I was expecting to see this.

I'm having a baby and her name is Vita. I was finally able to get enough funds to pay off the hospital bill and can now pick her up tomorrow. Me and my PS3 are so happy to be parents.
I know she can't wait to be taken home and I can't either.

I was expecting something funny like this. Man I'm weird lol
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Congrats. Make us proud.
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AND, you can put kittens in a sack and toss them in a river...those are it's only advantages.

This from a future mother.

He's male :/

men can be mothers too, don't judge
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So I have 7 months to get as much gaming out of my Vita as possible. Wish me luck.

Now that's funny!

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A gaming handheld makes holding a sick infant upright in a rocking chair all night so it and its exhausted mother can finally get some sleep much better, unless you have stubby arms or something. Parents can game too.
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Be warned, the mother will "want" you attention more often now that she is pregnant. Always keep a finger on the PS Button ready when her voice is heard or the vita is going to be flying into the wall. Pregnant women tend to do things without thinking and run mostly on instincts and hormones.
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The psp was released a couple months before my daughter was born. Trust me, you will love the fact of playing a game while mom and baby are asleep and not worry about waking them.

Just dont distract the delivery doctor with yer new fancy gadget and you should be safer than me.
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From: Retroxgamer0 | #002
kittens are cuter than babies.

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Pregnant women tend to do things without thinking and run mostly on instincts and hormones.

This sentence started with an extraneous word.