Sony Suing Jerry Lambert (Kevin Butler)

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From: CrimsonGear80 | #123
They are suing because of the Kevin Butler-likeness being used to play a Wii, a competitor of Sony.

So Sony is making a big deal out of something that would have probably passed over pretty much everyone's heads if Sony hadn't made a big deal out of it.

Well played Sony.
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lol sony.

Yes, sue and chase away the only marketing gimmick you ever had that anybody liked.

Good job.
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I lol'd.
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I'm guessing Sony doesn't have anything more profitable to do.
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That'll teach you Kevin Butler! you dont backstab my God, Sony! SEE YOU IN COURT SUCKER.
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Hail Monster Hunter Franchise! Hail One Piece!
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misleading information sony is suing bridgestone and the other company not kevin butler
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trollhunter2 posted...
misleading information sony is suing bridgestone and the other company not kevin butler

Kevin Butler owns the company they are suing along with bridgestone.
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People make such a big deal of things not involving them. *waits for some loser 12 year old to call me out*
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FayeLady posted...
If there was a contract involved, im sure it would be mentioned in the official complaint. We can also tell from the complaint That Sony is suing Wildcat and Bridgestone, whereas any contract would have been with Jerry Lambert. They can't sue 2 other entities for breaking a contract signed by a third one.

Non-compete clauses are illegal in California unless the party holds a ownership interest or trade secrets. Jerry Lambert certainly doesn't hold majority shares in Sony and I doubt as an actor he was told any trade secrets. Sony probably wanted to go after him for competing, but their California lawyers told them they couldn't, so this was the next best thing.