any point in owning a vita (got a free one)

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lol i got golden abyss. im aware its not a port but seeing as im behind on that series and have hardly touched it i have little motivation to play the weak spinoff when i simply need to make time for 1, 2, 3

Which part that you've played do you consider weak?

There was plenty of complaints about Golden Abyss. enough to the point where I won't even consider buying it used.

1. Terrible Frame Rates
2. Forced Touch Screen play elements that detract from actual game.
3. Terrible combat and aiming

1 is total bs -> zero framerate issues (srsly wtf)
2 yes, but they're quite minor.
3 total bs, though the reticule on some of the handguns are slightly too large, making headshots difficult at times.

So, you're just going to make stuff up?