Have you ever bought a console you didn't like?

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3 years ago#11
No, i make sure there are plenty of good games for it before i buy one.
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3 years ago#12
I liked the 360 at first, and hated the PS3, and then I switched if that counts/
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3 years ago#13
The Virtualboy.
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3 years ago#14
The xbox 360 The PSP and The Wii
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3 years ago#15
From: MegaMettaur | #003
Nope. It's really hard to simply not like a console, unless you're brand loyalist.
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3 years ago#16
PSP, 3DS, N64, GC and Wii. Usually love Nintendo handhelds but 3DS has let me down big time. PSP has some games I am enjoying now on the Vita like 3rd Birthday but I hated the system itself which made games hard to enjoy on it. N64 had the wrestling games but beyond that nothing really impressed me. GC had the best version of RE4 and a few good games but not enough to like the console. Wii is just all around bad and what I consider the worst console ever made since I don't like judging systems I have not owned or put a decent amount of time into.

History would tell me that having not enjoyed post SNES Nintendo consoles I should cancel my Wii-U pre-order but I just can't resist Bayonetta 2. And not like on consoles I do look I have not bought a bunch of games I didn't end up enjoying either. More money than sense I guess -_-

Actually wasn't huge on the PS1 either but not to the level I would count it. But that gen almost converted me into a non-gamer (Or possibly a PC only gamer) and then along came the Dreamcast to pull me back in.
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3 years ago#17
Wii and 3DS.

When the Wii first came out, I was all excited to play Twilight Princess but then I put the game disc in and was like, damn, this is GC graphics. I still loved the game, but this was the only game I liked on the Wii and the graphics were a huuge letdown.

When the 3DS came out I played full price for it (ouch). The 3D part of it basically made me sick to my stomache, and the graphic improvement really didn't seem good enough to justify the price. I wound up trading it in for cash >.<
3 years ago#18
From: TLR_ | #006

This right here. I don't regret buying it, but it didn't get enough of the games I'm interested in. I didn't even want a Vita, but then some good games were announced and I caved.
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3 years ago#19
The Original DS - felt it was a prototype
PS2 - wouldnt say I didnt like it, but i wasnt satisfied with it.
Wii - sold it 2 weeks after standing in line in the freezing cold for 5 hours.
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3 years ago#20
ps2, but it had one of my favorite games on that console and no others.
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