Have you ever bought a console you didn't like?

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Universquall posted...
Nearly certainly the Wii U shortly.

Beat me to it. Yeah, there is going to be a slew of belly aching after they find out it's not what they expected.

On topic, for me it would be the DS Lite. It was so uncomfortable in my hands, they would cramp up after 30 minutes! The DSiXL and 3DS XL came out and couldn't be any happier. :)
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I love all my consoles that I buy. But the only thing that comes close to me not liking a console are hardware defects
The xbox360 comes to mind.
I've been through at least 5 of them now. My launch 360 lasted me aprox. 2 months before I got the 3 Red lights of death.
The launch PS2 model comes in at a close second with its annoying Disc read errors.
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PSP or the Wii. PSP just didn't have any epic standalone games. I think my favorite PSP game was probably VP: Lenneth which is just a port...

Wii has stupid controllers that I hate, and I also hate the start up menu. But at least it has a few games that I have loved this gen (Xenoblade, SSBB, Tales of Symphonia 2, Radiant Dawn).
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gamewizard11 posted...
PSP or the Wii. PSP just didn't have any epic standalone games. I think my favorite PSP game was probably VP: Lenneth which is just a port...

Interesting. PSP games are what I've been doing with my Vita since I bought it.
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Yep. Wii. Epic fail!
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I' ve never owned a system, while it was current, that I was disatisfied with. Now that being said, I have bought systems from past gens that I found underwhelming.

01. Sega 3DX - I bought it about a year ago (along with 10 suggested games), and couldn't bring myself to use it for more than a half hour without having to take a break from it. I really doubt I would have liked it if I had bought it back in the day.

02. Sega Game Gear - I bought the blue version with ghosting that made just about any action oriented game unplayable, and I bought a later Majesco model that fixed the ghosting issues. The Majesco model was much nicer, but I found that the only games I enjoyed for it were a small handful of RPGs. Although, I do think I would have had some fun with it had I owned it back in the day, I certainly don't find it worth the time now.

03. Atari 7800 - Yuck! I owned on as a kid, and I was mildly entertained with it then, although I still badly wanted an NES. I bought another one a year ago, and very quickly realized that no amount of nostalgia could force me to enjoy as I did when I was 10. It blows my mind that I found it's putrid controller tolerable at any point in my life.

Yeah, after thinking about it, I had the 7800 back when it was current, and I can't say that I enjoyed it much.
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The Neo Geo mostly because of the price, I returned it...
The Wii I don't like the controller it doesn't work for me... I still have it and plan on using it I'm just not a fan of the controller... I'm not a fan of the Move controller or Kinect either...The 3DS, I can't see 3D I wish I would have remembered that before I bought it... My nephew loves his new used 3DS my other nephew wants one for Christmas...
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I may get flamed for this but...GameCube

I don't even own it...the wife does...never played a game I liked on it (there were ones I probably would have liked no doubt) but moreover...that mess of a controller
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cobain948 posted...
The xbox 360 The PSP and The Wii

i started with the psp 1000. and it sucked and i gave up about 2 months in. got a 3000 a year ago and loved it..

i went xbox this gen cause the ps2's kept getting DRE's.
went through 6 360's with rrod and gave up on consoles and now only use a vita.

and i havent liked a nintendo product since snes except for zelda oot and starfox 64
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