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3 years ago#31
I like how they ignored the trolls. Good job, Vitans (y)
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3 years ago#32
Sigh why don't put it in the 3DS Nis has some bizarre decisions sometimes well since I will play in the ps3 anyway whatever on a side note I just hope Disgaea D2 cover the story after Flonne got the archangel status instead of showing how it come to it like disgaea infinite already did
3 years ago#33
Spiffy247 posted...
Nnamz posted...
I never played Disgaea 4, so I'd gladly pick it up on Vita.

I've played all my Disgaea games on portables. 1&2 and Prinny on the PSP, and 3 on my Vita.

Although I always play all the console releases, I put in waaaaay more hours on the portable versions of Disgaea. I would not mind at all if future versions of Disgaea moved to the Vita.
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3 years ago#34
For the love of g-d, we have way to many japanese RPGS available on this system as it is. I would really love some other genres.
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3 years ago#35
This game looks pretty good, never liked Disgaea, but this one seems polished, and the camera thing ins't so bad. Perhaps the only true quality game on Vita so far.
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3 years ago#36
Anything to increase appeal in Japan, bringing more Japanese devs on board.
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3 years ago#37
Now if only NiS did more games that I was interested in...

I hope the Vita doesn't become a SRPG machine like the PSP did. I like RPGs, but I haven't been able to keep myself playing any SRPG for more than 5 hours total. It felt like most of the RPGs people praised on the PSP were SRPGs.
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3 years ago#38
3dsghost posted...
Weaboo game news, nothing important here.

Racist Vitaprep, nothing important here.
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3 years ago#39
Where was Nariusseldon with this news? I thought he lived for posting "news" (good or bad) about the vita. Missed opportunity, I suppose.
3 years ago#40
Safros93 posted...
CooperRC posted...
GameNext posted...

Do you really want a version with a resolution downgraded from the PS3 since the resolution on the Vita is too low to handle the game?

Could you explain this?
Couldn't they just lower the resolution like they do to most Vita ports and make it look like it does on the PS3, just on a smaller screen?
Besides, it can't look any worse than D3, which I was graphically okay with.

They will have to do this, but you will still loose some of the finer detail in the sprites, backgrounds, etc. Most people probably do not care about the graphics though.
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