Vita fans is to be blamed for Call of Duty vita being sold at a premium price

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Glad I sold mine and got out while I could.
^GameFAQs itself is trolling me.
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The REAL reason you created this topic has nothing to do with you trying to encourage people to take a stand against higher priced games.

It's all about you.

No one cares what you said back then and they dont now. What did you expect us to do? Not buy a game that most of us were eagerly anticipating just because YOU were afraid that another game in the future would be priced $10 higher than standard price as well?

I like how you made a new topic basically saying "I told you so!" just to try and make yourself look good....pffft. Any idiot saw this coming a mile a way, they just didnt care because people will pay the price if they feel it is worth it, if not, they can always wait for a price drop or sale to happen.

And that's why the vita is in the state it is in now.

I have no reason to be afraid that another game in the future will be priced $10 higher, since only Vita is the only handheld platform that is having this practice. I am doing a goodwill service to the vita fanbase by delivering this message.

You are a sad, sad little person.

Rule 1 of Business: A product is worth whatever the consumer base is willing to pay for it.

There is nothing which proves that theory to be 100% correct.
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Low priced Vita games are probably one reason why developers choose to stay away from the Vita. So perhaps this low priced handheld mentality isn't a good trend.
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1.You think your so called "warning" would have any effect? You seem to be under the thought that the majority of all vita fans are on this site when its just a minority.

2.Activision-Nuff said.dont think they needed uncharted sales to help them push out the price.
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RetroFanGirl posted...
Glad I sold mine and got out while I could.

Before what? A more expensive game coming out that you don't have to buy?
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How about you blame the developers for wanting to make money. Vita users are not to be blamed for the prices placed on games.
Would you blame people who eat or use gas for the prices placed on those items, no. Same applies.