NPD October 2012 Sales Results

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Only 24 units in an entire Country in an entire month. Wow.

Please stop using drugs or go back to school and learn how to read and comprehend a basic sentence.

I was more finding the previous 24 units msg entertaining.
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Why SFvsT? What about the sales Ragnarok Odyssey, AC 3 L and NFS Most Wanted. October 30 was a big hit on Vita.
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hey, at least this thing isn't getting out-sold by its own predecessor any more
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The WiiU has Monster Hunter, that alone will make it fly off the shelves

I predicted before that AC wont be a big system seller, looks like it is coming true

Monster Hunter's so called HUGE fanbase has died. It can't even get past 1.5M sales.

I imagine you're talking about Monster Hunter on the 3DS?
1.5 million sales out of around 8 million 3DS sold in Japan is pretty damn good.

Most probably he is referring to the psp spinoffs. The one on the 3DS already surpassed 1.5 million sales a while ago.
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Big_Isaac posted...
hey, at least this thing isn't getting out-sold by its own predecessor any more

Still is in Japan.
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lol no. vita is doing bad.

Don't be mad that Sony is making more money than you. We all can't be high rollers like them.

Sony is making money? Last i checked, they lost 6 billion dollars in one year. So by doing nothing, you're already making more money than Sony. Basically, only few people and organisations are making less money than Sony.
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Wow, I thought sales will pick up for the Vita in October, I guess I was wrong.Well, I think I'm convinced by the fact that no one wants a Vita.
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3ds outsold Playstation family. I wonder if LuminescentRule will show up here.

I just noticed that, seems the 3DS isn't doing so badly in the West after all. As for the least it outsold the PSP.
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From: Butt_Squid | Posted: 11/8/2012 9:52:34 PM | #011
from the neogaf thread.

On average, PS Vita is selling about 24 units in each US state daily, hows that for a stat.

When it gets broken down like that, wow.
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I wonder why sony keeps letting the vito fail month after month. lower the price you greedy bastards!