NPD October 2012 Sales Results

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3 years ago#91
LHS_2012 posted...
Enigma149 posted...

I just want to know what "piss poor" HD is.

I guess he means 1080p.

HD= Hard Drive.
3 years ago#92
i'm convinced that there is absolutely no way sony is ever going to turn the vita around.
3 years ago#93
jairusmonillas posted...
Demon_Acker posted...
From: jairusmonillas | #054
Halectic posted...
The WiiU has Monster Hunter, that alone will make it fly off the shelves

I predicted before that AC wont be a big system seller, looks like it is coming true

Monster Hunter's so called HUGE fanbase has died. It can't even get past 1.5M sales.

I imagine you're talking about Monster Hunter on the 3DS?
1.5 million sales out of around 8 million 3DS sold in Japan is pretty damn good.

That's funny I don't even need statistics but Wii sold way more and only sold 1M for Monster Hunter LOL

And btw PSP Monster Hunter averaged 3m each. LOL

Glad that Capcom decided to bring the series from the PSP to the Wii U/3DS now then ;)
3 years ago#94
November will be the month to see what vita sales really are up to, AC3L was released end of october together with the bundle, COD and COD bundle plus some heavy hitters like P4G will also release on november, so we'll see by then.

About game sales, people have to take into account that Vita is the first console where digital downloads are heavily promoted and every release has its digital counterpart, in my case for example I only buy games in digital form and NPD doesn't count those sales, so their game sales numbers are not very representative at all.
3 years ago#95
From: XplodnPnguins92 | #092
i'm convinced that there is absolutely no way sony is ever going to turn the vita around.

Equals:, Hmmm:
3 years ago#96
Manilo_Punish posted...
Don't be mad that Sony is making more money than you. We all can't be high rollers like them.

Actually, Sony has lost money four years in a row (totaling over $10 Billion in the red) so I'm pretty sure everyone in this topic makes more money than them.
3 years ago#97
jairusmonillas posted...

Wii U will flop more than Vita LOL

Man Vita is in a terrible place if even you will call it a flop.
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