Wii U vs Vita

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simple question, do i sell my wii u preorder and get a vita? or keep it, and play mario?

Step 1: Get a job.
Step 2: Get both.

Umm were in terrible recession, unless he lives in a state that has plenty of job opportunities, I would agree with you (which is very few). Most people are not going to buy a Wii-U because of the terrible economy, did you see the sales figure for retail video games? Very low. So yeah deciding between one of these choices probably means he has a limited amount of funds.
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Reasons to get a Wii U:

- Comes with bluray player
- Backwards compatable with Gamecube
- Departure from unweidly controllers
- Totally next gen and won't be outclassed by current gen systems

Oh wait it has none of those things? ... wow the Wii U sucks!

Wii U will flop so bad its not even next gen lol

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If you like portable games comes and small not bulky one that you can play everywhere choose PSVITA then if you are a hard core games go for WiiU but for me WiiU is to bulky
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Wii U has yet to have any great exclusive to offer. It's easily going to flop so bad.

It's gonna flop so bad all the pre-orders are sold out and it will sell more than Vita in it's first three months. Don't forget it's launching with Mario and a Monster Hunter game ( in Japan ).

While I won't deny system sales are amazing already, the Wii did the same. Couldn't buy it anywhere where it first came out because they were so back ordered on it. Then I look at the games I have for it. LoZ games, Metroid games, NSMB doesn't interest me, got SSBB, No More Heroes 1/2, Harvey Birdman, and Tales of Symphonia. The rest all my wives party games, ____ing mama, and fitness games. Their handhelds have more games I want to play.

There's just not a lot that interests me on the Wii and the Wii U looks to be the same. It offers a few Nintendo exclusives, but the rest are games I have no interest in and games I can get on my PS3 minus the Wii U Pad add ons. I don't think my wife is planning to pick it up either.
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