PlayStation Vita for $130!

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CapnStanky posted...
Rainb0wSmash posted...
Lol still overpriced

New User trolling. A first.

CapnStanky crying. A first.
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FayeLady posted...
call it a 130 dollar vita if you like, it still means you are forced to spend an additional 80 dollars for products you may or may not care for. Its about as much savings as the ambassador gamers were.

#53CarbineKidPosted 11/14/2012 7:37:23 AM
I just check out and they have the package for $249.99
Where is it being sold for $200?
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angealfire posted...
Rainb0wSmash posted...
Lol still overpriced

Yeah because the 170-200 you pay for a 3ds/xl is just so reasonable but a vita with twice the memory and a free 50 dollar game for the same price or less if you subtract the game is over priced... Im just about sick of trolls.

Yes it is.

The 3DS is a success, paying more for a failure (the Vita) is just ridiculous,
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i bought the 3ds and in no way is it a great system. Especially when the only way you can play the games comfortably is turning of the 3d effect. I dont think the vita is any better though. It will turn out to be just as "under the rug" as the psp. great for those who buy used games however. prices will be low. unlike Nintendo products. I hate aftermarket Nintendo prices
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It's a bad deal for those like me who HATE call of duty -_-; wish it was Assassin's Creed also
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