It's not free, you still have to pay for the service

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Sony will make you pay! (for the services)
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SocksForWok720 posted...
Sony will make you pay! (for the services)

Think you might be thinking of a different, American company. Your Vita works the same as it did previously whether you have PS+ or not. You are losing no services you just do not gain cloud saves, discounts, and the instant game collection for both systems.
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hajile12 posted...
carsauce posted...
So why do you say it's free?

$50 for a year. I already had plus for my ps3. I downloaded and played Borderlands, LittleBig planet, Infamous to and Just Cause through the ps+ service. I only paid 50$ but now the value of games i have exceeds that price.

Everything coming now is free.

Would you have bought those games though? Obviously not since you didn't already own them. Not really saving money if you are spending it on stuff you are not interested in.
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lol tc is funny, by your logic anyone with money is a spoiled brat.
the service may not be free but i played enough of the "rental" games within my 3 months of plus that i actually saved money but not actually buying them worth it totally
good luck with your poor life tc, must suck to be only 12 years old kthxsbai
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