LOL omfg vita

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lol yeah the vita sucks
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SlicingWind posted...
lol yeah the vita sucks

Hush your mouth. It's an okay handheld.
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MaxStar360 posted...
LMAO at the idiots who think just because a game is old (or a remake of an old one) it is, by definition and regardless of it's gameplay, bad. Probably jealous Nintendo has classics and Sony doesn't have any from it's PS One days.

I wouldnt go saying that now, we have our PSOne classics. FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Xenogears, RE1, RE2, RE3, and many, many more ready to download and play right on the Vita. Why cant we just play what we like and stop b****ing at eachother. The 3DS and the Vita are great systems with great games 3DS has Mario and Zelda the Vita has Uncharted and Assassins Creed.
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From: rocklobtser | #005
To be fair, Nintendo's has the biggest Wii

Capcom couldn't resist the girth

Gary mother****ing Oak!
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You're married and still troll on the internet? Grow up, homes.
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Get a 3DS now, and a Vita a year from now. Problem solved.
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