Someone please list the ways a 3DS is better than a Vita

#31ChaytelPosted 11/18/2012 9:59:42 PM
Here's an informative video listing the 14 most important things the 3DS has that the Vita doesn't..
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why do you care?
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I'm just posting to comment about one of the points you mentioned.

While region lock is indeed a huge negative point for 3DS, it does not apply to DS games. Only 3DS and DSi games are region locked.
Which means you're still open for a huge library of Japanese DS games.
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I saw a commercial for the Vita and they had an animation of the PS3 controller turning into the Vita... I don't think that is what handhelds were made for, at least in my opinion.
If I wanted to play a handheld that's supposed to be a substitute for a console, I'd play the console, and spend my money on that rather than the lesser alternative. What the 3DS does is that it puts itself on an equal level as a console. The 3DS actually makes you debate whether you want the 3DS games or the Wii games. If I wanted to choose between the PS3 and the Vita, I'd choose the PS3, and I already do. Plus there's the gameplay with the DS, touchscreen ain't a gimmick.
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The 3ds Doubles as a money clip?? And Animal crossing is a big seller to me.
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3DS has games ppl want
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DemonDog666 posted...
3DS cameras better that's it.

lol wrong like always.
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I own both, and the Vita is clearly a more powerful system. That being said, the 3DS has been a lot more satisfying by providing a better line up of games. The Vita really only has one outstanding game to me, and I can't help but feeling it is a complete waste of money for my tastes. Call of Duty was probably the last straw; I think it is time to sell.
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Why so insecure?
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there is nothing about the 3ds that is better than the vita. except layton should b on vita.
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