So people here bash OOT3D for being a remake, yet praise P4G

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Stay classy, Vita board.

Actually oot3d was a port ps4g is an extended cut lots of extra content unlike oot3d.

Persona 4 G is nothing but a lazy-slightly-enhanced port. Doesn't make it a bad game, but it IS a lazy port.

Ocarina was definitely a well done enhanced port, but they could have done more. It looked far prettier but I guess for nostalgias sake they decided to NOT polish the game play.
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Zelda OoT on N64.
Zelda OoT on GameCube.
Zelda OoT on Wii.(Understandable I guess)
Zelda OoT on 3ds at FULL retail PRICE.
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theyrebothgood posted...

Honestly, the upper model of Link is quite... odd. It looks strange and overdone, and lacks the original's charm and simplicity. While it's mostly a matter of opinion, the bottom face is much more appealing than the top, even in low res.

Nice opinion, you even admitted it yourself as an opinion. Basically, nothing that you just said really accomplishes anything for your argument.

Pics are mine from Majora's Mask but there's even better ones for OoT.

Where are these "better pics of OoT" that you speak of?

Besides, if you're replacing all the textures anyways, it doesn't matter what the originals looked like, so in actuality your argument doesn't hold.

You're arguing that textures will make the game look better than the 3DS remake. Replacing the textures from the original via the emulator still won't make it look as good as this:

So yes my argument does hold.

Believe me, I've been through the emulators and I've seen what High Res upscaling and textures can do. No matter what you try, you're not gonna make a PS1 game look better than a PS2 remake of the same game. Same goes for N64 and a 3DS which is equivalent to a GC/Wii depending on who you're asking.
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From: DiligentTree | #071
Persona 4 G is nothing but a lazy-slightly-enhanced port.

what is lazy about it.
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Both are ports at their core.

However, neither one is -just- the same game all over again. OoT3D has a generation or two's visual updates, and all previously pre-rendered interiors are now fully polygonal and greatly detailed. The menus were streamlined, and the inventory screen modified to support the changed boots. The addition of Master Quest in a mirrored form is rather new, too. P4G has the same classy visuals, but with more side content and scenes, the month of January, more voice clips, and -two- new Arcana to play with, which means more Personas and more variety. It also looks like Rise's model will be in battles too, and characters can wear alternate outfits ala P3P, and the True ending has been extended.

I would claim that both of these games are almost worth buying the system for, as they are proven gems.
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O_o Who was saying OOT3D was bad!? Whoever was spouting that dribble needs to be smacked. OOT3D I haven't played yet but I still remember OOT being awesome, I think I beat it over 3 times now.

I highly doubt anyone was saying anything about OOT3D. I just think the OT was just trying to make the Vita people look bad for doing nothing. Stay classy 3DS board.

Their both awesome anyway.
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Semi45a posted...
To a true SMT fan all Persona games are overrated, especially 3 and 4.

I'd say 3 and 4. I'm playing the 2nd one on my PSP and it's okay I guess. It feels very
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Neo_PortaPotty posted...
I never actually claimed it as fact i assumed it since i can do it on my pc just like you assumed i meant it as fact. Granted it still has no real new content outside of bossrush and i cant remember if the gcuve masterquest disc had that.

Actually oot3d was a port ps4g is an extended cut lots of extra content unlike oot3d

But i felt the need to point out that oot3d WAS a port while ps4g is an extended cut. Both are good though.

Yes the resolution is upscaled and filtered which i can do on my pc running it on an emulator its still just a port a good port of a good game but still only a port

For someone who "assumed" you use a lot of very definite language.

(bolding for emphasis by me)
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It wasn't a basic port, why do people have so much difficulty understand this? Compare the aesthetics of the N64 with the 3DS version, there is a huge difference. Additional content was added the Master Quest difficulty and Boss Rush.

They slightly upscaled the graphics and ported master quest its a Port of the gcube disc and boss rush is not the same as HOURS and HOURS of extra and extended content.

Slightly!? Ummm no, have you actually played both versions? The graphical difference is huge.

Could someone do me a favor and find those comparison pictures? :-)

I'm not casting aspersions on P4G at all. I have it preordered actually. Cannot wait to play it as I just recently fell in love with the Persona series.

Yes the resolution is upscaled and filtered which i can do on my pc running it on an emulator its still just a port a good port of a good game but still only a port. Also fyi look at the wii zelda running in hidef on a pc emulator with filters really big difference to.

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