Sony pushing ps plus(2.0), thats not gonna get new users,

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Congrats! Picking up Persona 4?

yep gonna pick it up after im done with assassins creed liberation.

Nice. I played it on the PS2 and loved it to death and it'll be my first purchase for the Vita. How's Liberation? I've heard conflicting reports in regards to it's quality.

I got my Vita for AC3:L and Persona 4 Golden and i was going to buy Gravity Rush and Uncharted untill i heard about PS+ giveing them to us for free with the sub. I spent 17.99 to get 2 games that i could have spent 80+ dollars on if i didnt plus we get 4 more games with those 2 so im a happy new PS+ sub. Thanks Sony for helping me save 60+ dollars
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About to buy a vita on black Friday.

So...200 USD before taxes. I get a system, 4GB, and AC:L.

My "game" plan is to:
Take AC:L to best buy.
Use my store credit, and the 17 dollars left on a gift card to buy a 16GB (for now).
Buy P4G, RO, ZE:VLR, and a ps+ sub for whatever is the least (3 months I think).

So for around 300 dollars...probably pushing 400, I get five-ish games for a month "free"? Okay Sony, I'll try you out.

And...I just 're realized how much I am spending. I feel the aneurysm. Oh God.

Don't trade in's require the game case? Just a heads up in case they do because I believe a case isn't included.

I recently traded in some old hand-me-down DS carts. My best buy accepts them without a case.

Ahh ok. Maybe I was thinking of Future Shop's trade in requirements.
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What does ps+ offer the average jerk off? Nothing. If Sony is indeed trying to market the vita to only people with a ps3 I feel this is a mistake. They are alienating people and significantly reducing the number of people who might buy one. The vita needs games. That's how you sale a system. The cross buy, cross play stuff is great but at the same time if I don't own a ps3 I feel I'm getting the short end of the deal.

Let it be known that I don't own either a ps3 or a vita. This is my view on the situation.
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Pushing PS plus on vita will grab lots of new users. Free games! And the games they are offering are like AAA titles. Keep in mind this include mini and ps one games. Also we know it will happen soon. Sony will make PS2 games playable...One day soon I hope. Also Sina Mora is coming to both ps3 and vita. This clearly shows off that some of those PSN/Xbla games are playable on the system.

Gonna be a good year for vita
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I'm a PS Plus subscriber without a Vita, but the offerings currently available have actually pushed me into buying a Vita. Can't wait!

Good response.

Ok yeah I imagine this will track about 3 out of 20 guys as I'm sure you done your research or a gamer so you're up to date on such news.. But soccer moms? Lil Johnny ? Or the high school kids? Those are the guys you want to attract in some kind of way as I'm sure you can gain about 4 million users from these groups. Over a period of 2'years since this is Sony we're talking about.

That's a very good point, but unfortunately I don't see Sony advertising PS Plus much if at all. Everyone that seems to value the service tends to be those that typically follow the gaming industry. Personally, I think Sony's main priority in regards to the Vita should be to increase the user base substantially, and then attract developers and publishers. For example, I'd love to see how a GTA built from the ground up for the Vita would do commercially. I know COD Declassified was supposed to do that but I'm certain it's less than positive reception hurt it quite a bit. Sony desperately needs those AAA developers working on Vita content in order to attract a proper audience, but unfortunately publishers seem content with handing off their projects to lower tier developers. I think PS Plus on Vita is a good step forward, but I don't know if it's exactly the one that should be taken first. Maybe if there was some kind of major marketing push in regards to PS Plus, one that shows the tremendous value it is. Maybe get those, like me, that own both a PS3 and 360 and pay for Xbox Live to give the service a try. Hook them with great content and discounts on both platforms. Sorry for the short story type response. :P

Gta built from the ground up? Yeah after seeing how uncharted and lbp turn out to Sony "built up" means add touch controls rear pad , motion controls for 40% of the a port? Nope. For Gta sorry we're going to need a spin-off. Think liberations. Gta v for the vita but a different path to explore. People will buy to get the other stories in Gta v you cant get on ps3.......... Otherwise no one would be interested in nothing that takes place before Gta San Andreas as its too old (1980's) people want modern games.
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Honestly, I can see it being a selling point. I can bet there will be ads around retailers (like Wal-Mart's security checkpoint-hiding billboards) saying "Get a PSVita with Plus and get an instant game collection! PSVita $250, Plus $14.99 / mo. Get these hot games and MORE FREE with your three-month subscription!
-Uncharted: Golden Abyss
-Gravity Rush
-Jet Set Radio HD"

Both of my local Wal-Marts actually had Plus walk-in ads with the instant game collection advertised on them for the first couple of months after it debuted (listing the "static" games that don't change monthly), I don't see why they wouldn't advertise a Vita and Plus deal the same way.

The electronics department itself STILL has Plus ads up on the checkout and the PS3 game case listing the IGC benefits.
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Sorry Sony ... im still not getting a vita right now ... now i don't hate Sony far from it ... it just im not done with my psp yet ... maybe next year ill get a vita ( I just don't wanna restart building up my games/music )

i'll wait for the final fantasy 10 remake and see what else come out around that time
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Yeah sure, who wants free games anyway
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Rydiafan013 posted...
Sorry Sony ... im still not getting a vita right now ... now i don't hate Sony far from it ... it just im not done with my psp yet ... maybe next year ill get a vita ( I just don't wanna restart building up my games/music )

i'll wait for the final fantasy 10 remake and see what else come out around that time

No love for Persona 4 Golden? =(

FFXHD will be released late 2014 the earliest, just because this is Square Enix we're taking about here.
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