You'd be a FOOL not to subscribe to Playstation

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Buying the ones I really like is exactly what I intend to do. And yes, I do have a pretty good idea how many game I get with PS plus, most are not something I'd have wanted to play at all, would have wanted to play on another system (Mass Effect, Assassins Creed), or are something I want to keep forever.

Im sure it might be worth while for some people. I find netflix worth it, I dont feel I need to keep the movies I see there, so I imagine some people fell the same way about games.

So you are unreasonably picky then. Still no reason for you to bash the service it's a good service you are just spoiled brat picky and got a stick in you so it's not for you.

LOL damn right I'm unreasonably picky when it comes to spending my money. I'd gladly be more carefree when spending yours.

Not unreasonably picking with your money, if you were picky with your money you'd jump on this since it's such a deal, you are unreasonably picky with your games. You probably hate dozens of good games and ignore hundreds of others
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DemonDog666, are you working for Sony?
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I'll be unreasonably picky with my games if it means being able to name the ones I spend money on.
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I had free PSN because PSN was down awhile back and it sucked. You're the fool.
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So is this available for Australians? It's not on the store yet.
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free with extremely limited space and will expire so not free forever and not free at all because it cost to subscribe. okay then.
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Semi45a posted...
free with extremely limited space and will expire so not free forever and not free at all because it cost to subscribe. okay then.

A year is extremely limited? And you pay for subscription not the games.
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what is wrong with people?!

yes you rent these games, for a FULL DAM year, then for the same "one game cost" you renew for another year, then another.

it is basically renting a game for forever. people pay more for a stupid MMO subscription (WoW)
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How could people be able to complain of most of the Vitas good games being free o_0
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Yes, long as you subscribe to Playstation Plus.

Yeah, no thanks.

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