Trying to choose between P4G and RO...Please advise

#11CaiusIcePosted 11/21/2012 3:44:24 PM
Buy p4g... Ro is pretty repetitive and has no story.
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The_Djoker posted...
half the game is social crap

P4 has like talking and stuff which is annoying really

These guys shouldn't be taken seriously.

And RO is very average. IT would be insane to get it over P4. Which is the best handheld game this gen arguably.

This is why I stated it was my opinion. Not everyone has the same as you. I think THAT much social part of the game is lame. I want to fight monsters not eat ramen, hear about some random dudes girl problems, or be forced to join the debate team.

That's one of the main driving points of the game. IT's not like other linear JRPG's. Persona is unique in that sense. The Social aspects is what makes those games so great. And there isn't that much of it if you skip it. IMO the social aspects is what has defined Persona and the character driven experience has put Persona way above FF now as the best JRPG series out there.
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Id like to revise my earlier statement.

P4G stomps RO. Bad. I had no idea as I didnt really get into P3 on PSP.

The only reason to skip P4G is if you owned it hard on PS2 and dont want to revisit.
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