Vita owners who bought a Vita at launch or 2 weeks after

#41R109Ver2Posted 11/25/2012 5:07:11 PM
I have no regrets and I purchased the FEB. I personally got it for the upscaled graphics of PSP games so I would play a prettier looking Duodecim on a bigger screen... Then found out when I got trigger grips I play better on it than I did on PSP because my hands can hit the triggers much more comfortably. The assignments for the right analog is nice for camera direction and the bottom right of the touch screen for the camera reset make changing angles easier for it too. Nicely enough the FEB case fits my vita and my PSP so I take them both with me. PSP is still needed for converting replays as the Vita cannot see them to transfer them to the computer...

I will straight out admit to being a Dissidia/Duodecim fanboy here, as I know the above will come off as that... Because that is how it is... (Actually my PSP is the imported Duodecim PSP from Japan... It is pretty... At least in my opinion it is...)
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Bught my vita after the feb one the 8 gig WiFi and i havent regreted buying it.with the proper skills and good timeing you could of made it into the ultimate gaming rig.i got games that i havent played in years on it zelda:minish cap wink,wink.