Persona 4 help: Falling in love with real life?

#21Tempest717Posted 11/26/2012 9:30:37 PM
Yukiko was bland as hell....
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hahahahahahahahahahahaha best topic ever!!!!!
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#23Lelouch71Posted 11/26/2012 9:40:57 PM
Go downtown that way you can pay someone to love you for a few hours.
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#24hello_indigoPosted 11/26/2012 10:28:18 PM
At first, I was gonna say trololol n tell you you're sad. But tbh, I can't say I've never liked a fictional character before. Lol, when I was 10 (cardcaptors first came out in the US), I had this huge crush on Sakura. She was so perfect and kind hearted.
#25Storm_WalkerPosted 11/26/2012 10:35:54 PM
Have you tried internet dating websites? I hear some of them are doing in person get togethers for their members now.
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#27fourgigmanPosted 11/26/2012 11:01:25 PM
I heard there's a cheat code to get her naked.
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You're going to break Denko's heart TC.

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#29marsvalientPosted 11/26/2012 11:07:05 PM
fourgigman posted...
I heard there's a cheat code to get her naked.

It's the konami code but beware... she's a futa...
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AstralFrost posted...
Aigis and Mitsuru walk all over Yukiko, sorry.

Aigis is a robot...
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